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Missions = Ministry


Ministry = Missions

We believe that the hope of the world is Jesus and that when a person experiences the love of Christ something transformational happens.  We believe that this great love inspires us to spread this hope to others.  This great love calls us to be ambassadors for Christ in this world, and out of love and obedience, we go. 


On this page you will find the needed contact information to get plugged in to the greatest mission that any person could ever be involved in....the mission of Jesus.

We believe that there is something for everyone at First Cov, from our dynamic kids' and youth programs, to our inspiring worship teams, to opportunities to make a difference in Iron Mountain and around the world.  




Kids - Nursery to 6th grade

Do you love kids and would like to find out more about all of the opportunities we have to serve them and their families?  Click here to find out more


Teens - Jr. & Sr. High

Hanging out with a little older crowd more your speed?  Find out more about how you can serve our teens by

  Clicking here



There are a large variety of ways that you can serve adults

in our church.  Find out more information by

  Clicking here



Love music?  If you love to sing, play an instrument or be behind the scenes at a sound board we have a place for you to serve.  Find out more information by 

Clicking here


Small Groups

We see our small groups as a vital way to connect with other people as we walk through life.  We have 2 types of groups (click here for more on that)  We are very excited to have you join one of these groups.  Find more information by  

Clicking here


Visitation & Encouragement

Do you have the desire to be an encouragement to others?  We have many opportunities to send cards, go for visits, send cookies and be encouraging. 

Find out more information by

Clicking here



Prayer is central to all that we do here.  If you are a prayer warrior, a new believer or somewhere in between we have a place where you can join us in prayer. 

Find out more information by 

Clicking here


Greeters & Ushers

Do you have heart to help people feel welcome?  Do you know how it feels to not be able to find a seat?  Our church

has many ways that you can help do just that.

Find out more information by  

Clicking here



Do you have the gift of teaching?  Whether in a small group or larger audience we have the place for you. 

Find more information by  

Clicking here

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Community Outreach

We love our community and are committed to being a witness to Jesus where live, as well as, around the world.  Do you have a heart for getting things done, we have opportunities for you.  Find more information by  

Clicking here



If you are gifted in organization and planning, we have opportunities for you too.  Whether it's in financials or planning out strategic ideas for the future.

  Find more information by  

Clicking here



Are you gifted in fixing things?  More interested in getting your hands dirty and keeping the grass cut?  We have places for you too!  Find out more information by

Clicking here



As a member you will have the opportunities to serve on our various leadership boards.  If you feel God leading you to serve in that capacity find out more information by

Clicking here


And Beyond


As part of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination we partner with a host of other churches to accomplish even more around the world.  In this section you will see the various things we do through our partnership with other local churches that make up the Covenant. 

Click the below for more information.

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Beyond Local
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