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  • Sonja Wetzel


How do you clear your mind? When we get busy and stressed with all the things we have to do and places we need to go, it can take serious effort to get our heart and mind focused on God. There are so many things that distract us; they keep us from enjoying the moment and seeing how God is working in our lives. How often does God take a backseat in our lives during Thanksgiving and Christmas? Did that sentence sound as ridiculous to you as it did to me? How can we leave God out of Thanksgiving when He is the One we should be thanking? How can we leave God out of Christmas when His Son is the whole reason we should be celebrating? So, how do we get our minds back in alignment with God, and how He is speaking to us right now, in this moment? We are all very different, so there is not a magical formula that will help everyone. Shutting out the noise of the world has to be the first step. Anything that distracts us needs to be put away for a time. Perhaps just a quiet cup of coffee at the table before everyone else wakes up. Perhaps a walk outside, just breathing the fresh air. Something to get your brain and heart back to the peace that passes all understanding. (Philippians 4:7)

Jesus reminded us by example time and time again that we need to take time alone with God. Jesus separated Himself from the crowds, and even His disciples, many times during His ministry on earth. He went away alone and spent time talking to His Father. How often do we take that time to be quiet? How good are we at listening? When we remember our life here on earth is but a moment compared to eternity, we have to shift our focus onto the Eternal One. Does He want us to be all wrapped up in the little things in our lives, or does He want us to concentrate on how we are advancing His Kingdom?

When we notice ourselves getting worn down and impatient, those are the times we need to take a step back and reassess. I have paper on my bedside table for those nights that my brain will not stop. I write things down, and most of the time it is easier to let them go. Sometimes I think it would help if I did that during the day as well. All the things that keep flying through my head might settle down a little if I wrote them down. Sometimes we take on too much or forget to ask for help. Have you been there? Have you learned how to take a breath in those situations to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed? Please share in the comments below or on the post on Facebook. The more we can share our experiences with others, the more chances people have of finding something that works well for them. If we share our struggles, others can see they are not alone, and we can encourage and support each other.

Once we have reset our whirling brains, where do we direct our energy? Where is our time best spent? If our focus during the holiday season is family, can we remember our family in Christ as well? How are your Christian brothers and sisters doing? How can we come together, embrace our differences, forgive our foibles, and be a family? We have a Father Who forgives and loves us unceasingly. Could we spread a little of that love and forgiveness to each other? Since we have been commanded to do that very thing? Who around you needs a little love, a little forgiveness right now?

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